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Very very interesting two weeks so far^_^ i’m happy with my classes.

We go through the deepest recesses of the human psyche and learning about the proper Human rationality in a Philosophy course (guess having a cynical side pays off) and we started off with a lot of very big questions forwarded, which we would rant about in our e-journals (Sadly, we were required to post on Multiply so I guess it won’t be here). Managerial accounting, where.. Whew, there are no more strict writing/erasing rules to follow. And a subject/course called which discusses three great works of the century, and this course is actually based on certain themes (Love, Power), this term we would be discussing interfaith dialogue by studying the Qur’an, The Bible (Pauline Epistles) and a very interesting book on Hermeneutics entitled Truth and Meth, which was written by Hans-Georg Gadamer in German and translated by Joel Weinsheimer and Donald G. Marshall. We’ve started on reading Truth and Method but I have yet to have a firm grasp on the concepts of Hermeneutics, as the terminologies used here assume that the reader has progressed significantly in knowledge pertaining to Hermeneutics. But it is, interesting and might I say a worthy read to anyone interested in not understanding scripture, but in reading as a hobby.

Putting that aside, I have tried to start learning how to cook from square one, and what better way to start learning how to cook by cooking….



Tasty right? Click on the image to find out how to cook this


I discovered that I have been doing the American method for some time, so I decided to shake things up by trying the french version of the scrambled egg.

Having my fingers crossed right now. Hopefully by next week I’ll post my progress

Here is the link for cooking the perfect scrambled egg, and other basic recipes.

signing out..

tccic There’s Always a Beautiful Sweetness in loving


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